Clothing Drives for Charity

clothing charity fundraiser el paso  Helping charities and protecting the planet.  charity clothings drive el paso

donate clothes to charity in El paso

Fundraising for Charities.

Our core values mandate that we work with a local charity in each of the markets we service. We offer a significant opportunity for charities to participate in the endeavor of collecting recyclable materials. In so doing the charity will be able to grow an earnings stream of unrestricted funding that helps them achieve their respective missions. Given that Federal & State financial support has become almost non existent for many charities, this program provides a viable option to increase their profile in the local community, help with economic challenges and assist the community in going green.

Clothing Drives Work.

We are privileged to work with charities that make a significant impact in their local communities through their programs & services. This green endeavor creates a revenue stream that will help charities achieve their respective missions. Each charity is a leader in their field and they are passionately committed to their clients. For detailed information about our charity partners click on the link in the Helping Charities tab.

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